Wednesday, November 9, 2016


假性紫質症(pseudoporphyria)是一種會出現水泡,很類似緩發性皮膚病變紫質症(porphyria cutanea tarda)的皮膚病,往往跟某些藥物與長期血液透析(洗腎)有關。只要能回答下列六個問題,皮專考試就考不倒了!

What are typical s/s of pseudoporphyria
Tense bullae, skin fragility, & erythema on sun-exposed skin
Which type of porphyria is most similar to pseudoporphyria?
Porphyria cutanea tarda(PCT)
What are the differences between PCT & pseudoporphyria
  1. NO hypertrichosis, hyperpigmentation, & sclerodermoid changes
  2. NO festooned, catapillar bodies, & PAS(+) material around vessels
  3. Normal or mildly abnormal porphyria profile
What is the cause of pseudoporphyria?
  1. Drugs: normal porphyria profile
  2. Long-term hemodialysis: mildly abnormal porphyria profile(2-4X)
What drugs can cause pseudoporphyria?
Naproxen, Nalidixic acid, Furosemide, Pyridoxine,Isotretinoin, & Tetracycline
How to remember the culprits(drugs) causing pseudoporphyria?
NF PIT (NeuroFibroma had the button sign, can become a PIT when pressed.)

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